MI5500e brand

5 kV analog insulation tester

  • Insulation test up to 10 TΩ
  • 4 test voltages: 0.5 kV - 1 kV - 2.5 kV - 5 kV
  • GUARD terminal
  • Multiple scales for accuracy improvement
  • High accuracy
  • IP65 protection (with closed lid)
  • Rechargeable battery


The MI‑5500e general purposes insulation tester is a truly portable equipment suitable to measure insulation resistances using test voltages up to 5 kV. It employs high-reliable, state-of-the-art technology for accurate measurements of ultra high insulation resistances up to 10,000,000 MΩ with four test voltages: 500 V - 1 kV - 2.5 kV - 5 kV. Readings are performed through an easy-to-read analogue indicator having a broad scale.

Many experienced technicians consider that insulation measurements are best performed with analog instruments, because they get useful information from the pointer displacement along the time. This equipment is specially indicated for that people, because it is a true analog, simple to use, cost effective insulation resistance tester.

Insulation of low and medium voltage in electrical systems, transformers, motors, cables, electro-medical equipment and installations, distribution networks, etc., the measurement are easily performed with great reliability, using this instrument.

In order to maximize the operator's safety, this equipment was made within a plastic cabinet of high breakdown strength. A light indicator warns about dangerous voltages presence both in the equipment and in the element under testing, and switches-off automatically when the discharge process has finished. This insulation tester has a GUARD terminal that allows to remove the effects of parasitic resistances and surface currents on the isolation resistances to be measured.

Due to its reduced size and weight, its power autonomy and mechanical strength, this insulation tester is suitable for working out in the field, under severe weather conditions. It is battery powered with an internal, rechargeable battery. In order to easily carry the cabinet, it is closed and water-, dust- and sand-resistant.


Test voltages

0.5 kV - 1 kV - 2.5 kV - 5 kV.

Maximum resistance reading

1 TΩ @ 500 V.
2 TΩ @ 1 kV.
5 TΩ @ 2.5 kV.
10 TΩ @ 5 kV.

Short circuit current

1 mA ± 2 %.

Test voltages accuracy

± 2 % of nominal test voltages on R ≥ 1 GΩ.

Internal current limiting resistance

500 kΩ @ 500 V.
1 MΩ @ 1 kV.
2.5 MΩ @ 2.5 kV.
5 MΩ @ 5 kV.

Insulation tester accuracy

Class 2 (± 2 % of full scale deflection).

Analog indicator

Up to 98 mm scale length, taut band, with mirror (thus avoiding parallax errors).

Environmental protection

IP65 (with closed lid).

Safety class

In accordance with IEC 61010-1.

Electromagnetic compatibility (E.M.C.)

In accordance with IEC 61326-1.

Electromagnetic immunity

In accordance with IEC 61000-4-3.

Electrostatic immunity

In accordance with IEC 61000-4-2.

Power supply

Internal rechargeable 12 V - 2.3 Ah, sealed lead acid battery.

Battery charger

100 - 240 V~ mains supply.

Operating temperature range

14 °F to 122 °F (-10 °C to 50 °C).

Storage temperature range

-13 °F to 158 °F (-25 °C to 70 °C).

Humidity range

95 % RH (non condensing).

Equipment weight

Approx. 8.6 lb (3.9 kg).


10.78" x 9.84" x 4.88" (274 x 250 x 124 mm).

Included accessories

2 Measuring test leads.
1 GUARD test lead.
1 Power cord.
1 Carrying bag.
1 Operating instructions.

Company history
13 Years


Customer service
Phone: +1 305 938 0389

Phone: +1 305 938 0389